How to make payment from Remitly to Alipay

Feb 23, 2023
Dear Client:
we support receive your order money to my Alipay account via remitly app
it support send by credit card/ apple pay/debit card.

it can arrive with second,max fee 4 eur

you can pay easy, This method of payment must be successful

for remitly app, my receive details as follow
1. choose send to my China Alipay account from your remitly app

2. receiver details

   Alipay id(Identificación de Alipay):

   Family name(Apellido):

   Given name(Nombre de pila):

show steps as follow guide

1.download app with phone

2. input your payment amount, decide by your own order value.

3. Choose Alipay

4. write our alipay login id:

5.input the Family name and Given name:

6. Choose Reason for shipment:  Payment of purchases

after send the money, just send me snaphot to me,then i will check and send goods to you

if any problem please contact us
our whatsapp:


our telegram:




how to get Remitly app?

install app from apple store, search  remitly   at apple store  

or copy follow link into browser

install apk for android phone

or view the website

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