How to install IPTV Apps on FireStick with Downloader App

Apr 14, 2023

Short Steps

1. install "Downloader" tool App on Amazon Store, 

2. install iptv player by Donwloader tool

How to Install Downloader App on FireStick

The Downloader app is officially available on Amazon Store. You don’t have to side-load it onto your device. Here is how you can install the app:

1. Go to the home screen of the Fire TV / Stick if you are already not there.

2. Use your remote to navigate to Find > Search on the menu bar in the middle of the screen.

3. Now type in Downloader (without the quotes) using the onscreen keypad. You should see the app suggestions on the list as you begin typing.

When you see Downloader on the list, select and click it.

4. You should now see Downloader under the APPS & GAMES section. Go ahead and click it.

download apk on firestick using downloader app

5. Click the ‘Get‘ or ‘Download‘ button to download and install the app. You should have the app in no more than a couple of minutes.

Once the app is installed, you can access it from the Your Apps & Channels section (more on it later).

6. if you want install the "Downloader" apk for android device, you can download with follow link


How to Prepare FireStick to Use Downloader and Sideload Apps

The default setting of FireStick doesn’t allow users to install third-party apps as a security measure. Therefore, you won’t be able to sideload applications using Downloader until you make a few tweaks.

To install APKs via Downloader hassle-free, you’ll need to allow FireStick to install apps from unknown or third-party sources.

Follow these steps:

1. Launch your FireStick home screen and navigate to the Settings icon.

how to install downloader on firestick

2. Scroll down to the My Fire TV tile and click on it.

downloader app firestick

3. Click on Developer Options.

Note: If you don’t see Developer Options, follow our guide on How to Get Developer Options back on FireStick

download apps on firestick for free

4. Select Install unknown apps.

Note: Some versions of FireStick may have the option Apps from Unknown Sources instead of Install unknown apps. In that scenario, select Apps from Unknown Sources, turn it ON and skip step 5 below.

downloader for firestick apk5. Navigate to Downloader and select it to turn it ON.

install unknown apps downloaderYour FireStick is now prepared to install various third-party apps using Downloader.

Using Downloader to Sideload Apps on FireStick

Finally, we get to the point where we see how the Downloader app helps download APKs and side-load the apps on Fire TV Stick. Again, it is straightforward.

First, we learn to download from the direct URL for the files. Then, we know how to download a file from a website.

Download/Install APKs on FireStick with Direct URL

Let us first use the ‘Home’ option, which lets us directly download the files using the URLs pointing at those files.

1. Click Home on the left sidebar.

2. On the right, click inside the input/text box.

downloader app for amazon firestick

3. Enter the file URL Or Shortenter code (if you have) and press Go on the onscreen keyboard.

NiceTV 3.0.5 Shortenter code:192003

NiceTV 3.0.5 Full URL: https://aftv.news/192003

NiceTV 3.0.3 Shortenter code: 364011

NiceTV 3.0.3 Full URL: https://aftv.news/364011

Good IPTV 3.0.2 Shortenter code427572

Good IPTV 3.0.2 Full URL: https://aftv.news/427572

Good IPTV 2.0 Shortenter code237594

Good IPTV 2.0 Full URL: https://aftv.news/237594

Iptv Smarter Pro v3 Shortenter code:338392

Iptv Smarter Pro v3 Full URL:https://aftv.news/338392

Iptv Smarter Pro v3 Shortenter code:350042

Iptv Smarter Pro v3 Full URL:https://aftv.news/350042

XCIPTV V6.0 Shortenter code:156709

XCIPTV V6.0 Full URL:https://aftv.news/156709

4. The download will automatically start. Once the downloads, click Install on the bottom right.

5. Once the app is installed, you will see a notification confirming the status. You will also see two buttons on the bottom – Done & Open.

6. Choose Done if you want to open the installed app later. Click Open to start using the app right away.

7. When you click Done, you will see a pop-up on the Downloader interface. Press the Delete button to remove the APK file from your storage. You don’t need it any longer.

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